Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Trying New Things

For a couple of months my friend kept telling me about the Diva Cup. Not sure I really wanted to spend $30 on such a thing, I just read about it online but never really considered ordering one. But she really liked it, so I thought I'd give it a try. Turns out I like it too. It's a little goofy for the first couple of hours, just because you can feel it, but then I got used to it, and it was like it wasn't even there. It has many things about it that make that part of my life less annoying: I only have to check it a couple of times a day, no leaks, and there is no forgetting supplies when I leave the house. Plus, it'll pay for itself in about a year, but will last up to 10. Why didn't someone tell me about this sooner? They (or something similar) have been on the market for years, yet the only things I really ever heard about were Tampax and Always. Damn corporate world.

The other new thing was tried today, so we'll see how it actually ends up working for me. So far I like it. I have found all natural bar shampoo. None of those chemical names that I can't pronounce. After reading up on some of them (like the ones that were originally designed to be used for cleaning oil spills off concrete), I am not really in the mood to shower at all, but at the same time I find the lack of showering gross. The bar I used today had clay and mud in it (WooHoo!! washing myself with dirt), but is supposed to be good for dry hair. I also bought a few other trial sizes. Already my hair has body it rarely has otherwise. After the shampoo bar, I put some vinegar in my hair. It really stunk in the shower, but doesn't smell at all now. The company I got it from recommends using the product for a week before deciding if it is right or not, so I suppose I have a few more days before I know.

I wonder what else I can find to replace in my life? Especially things that make life easier. Like that cup.

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Little Red said...

I hope Moab was fun, despite the lack of a lighter! My drive wasn't too bad, but the motel I stayed in didn't have an alarm clock, weird.

Cups are awesome! I can't believe it took me so long to buy one either, of course I only heard of them a year or so ago!

Hope the shampoo works out for you, I'm thinking of getting some of the soap/shampoo too, I just need to use up the stuff I already have first... which will take forever!