Monday, February 9, 2009

Whale Watching

For my birthday I got to go whale watching. It was yet another event that Doug planned in advance, told other people about, but kept secret from me until giving me a handmade birthday card with all the details. It was tons of fun - I've been interested in a tour since I started spotting whales while out on rides nearly a year ago, but was worried that they would just be overcrowded boats full of disappointed people. Doug knew all that ahead of time, and was able to find a small tour company. The catamaran that took us out had plenty of room, and we saw more than could be caught with the camera.

Doug thinks he'll be the tour guide for the day...

I'll just hang out here and keep my eyes open

The first whale - turned out to be a mama whale with a calf in tow.

The whale's back.

A dreaded stickfish. We told some visitors from Wisconsin that these could be deadly - that they needed to watch out. They believed us, so we had to tell them we were joking. I learned later that night that there really are stickfish, and while they won't hurt you, they are pretty ugly.

A fluke!

Sharks live here too - of course it helps they are baited by other boats for the shark diving tours.

Having a great time.
Looking for another whale to swim under our boat.

When I stood there I got so excited that I nearly fell overboard. I had just seen my first whale of the day though.

Doug being artsy. Good thing I let him hold the camera, most of these pics wouldn't have been taken otherwise. I was too preoccupied.

Back of the boat, back in the marina.

One last pic of the boat.