Saturday, July 18, 2009

Border to Border Pictures

So... I've been meaning to get to this for a few weeks now, but life just kept getting in the way. First we managed to stay plenty busy while visiting Southern California, and then we've done pretty much the same since we got back to Hawaii since last Tuesday. But more on that later. Here are the pictures from the 12-day motorcycle trip, finally!

I'm sure you've already seen this one, but I find it hilarious, so I'll post again.

Riding through Southern California towards Mexico.

Mark on a slide in Jerome, AZ. Because there is still a kid in all of us.

Bev riding.
Mark riding.
Tim riding.

Entering Zion National Park.
The next few pictures are the natural beauty we saw.

Beware! I have a pirate!

Doug and Mark plan to take over something...

Apparently, this is the reason the window warned users not to open.

Scaring little kids.

What Doug looked like after the longest, coldest morning ride. Nevada might be worse than Utah.

Salmon River, ID.

A tiny deer, escaping the road.

Doug and Mark, taking the exit sign too literally. Silly Canadians, they should place their signs better.

Not sure what they think they will win if they manage to free the giant chopsticks, but they're sure trying hard.

"Nice to meet you, Mr. Moose."

"I think the hotel is over there."

Being as touristy as possible in Victoria, BC.

Because they always stand around like this.

Mark is finally taller than Doug.

He broke they trunk key. Good thing there was backup.

The bridge to Astoria, OR.

Becoming artsy while waiting for a tow vehicle.

Bad things start to happen when you have too much time on your hands.

Boo! The downfall of Bev's bike.

And the 6-hour wait in Fred Meyer begins with Doug's neck tattoo.

After 6 hours in the deli seating area, Sudden Onset Slayer Moments are bound to happen.

Ready to go: 3 bikes, 1 U-Haul.

Pretty coast along the way to Ft. Bragg.

Golden Gate Bridge coming up next.

Looks pretty neat in the fog.

Doug and his college buddies Matt and Steve, throwing up their fake fraternity sign. For more information, you'll have to ask him (or one of his friends).

So, those are the best of the pictures. There are tons more of the scenery, but 613 pictures is a lot to look at. And that's only the pictures I took with my camera.