Tuesday, July 31, 2012

21 Weeks

Today is 21 weeks.  That means I am over half way.  Not much to see yet though.  I took this picture this morning.  I am starting to fill in a bit, but nothing big yet.  I'm sure that'll be coming soon enough.  I think I looked bigger in the picture I took last week, but that must have been the result of some lovely baby bloat.

More exciting than the picture is feeling the baby.  Last week I was getting some good kicks and Doug could feel them too.  Yesterday we saw the midwife for my 20wk check-up, and when she was looking for a heart beat baby was kicking at her.  We briefly heard the heart beat before the baby rolled away and started kicking again.  Guess baby was not a fan of the Doppler wand.

Friday, July 27, 2012


Today we had our half-way ultra sound.  And we got to bring home pictures!
 Profile pic, baby making a fist up in the right hand corner.
 At this point the baby was folded nearly in half.  You can see a tiny foot up in the right corner.

 Thinking about putting it's hand in it's mouth, but it never did.  Later on it had it's toes in the same place.
Bottom of a foot.  The other foot is on top of this one, the whole time the baby was pretty curled up.  The tech said the baby has tons of space in there, but for some reason being curled was more comfortable.
 Face.  The black oval is the baby's mouth.  The nose is to the left, and you can make out they eye indentations.

There is no news on the gender.  Apparently not everyone knows yet that we are not finding out until the baby is born.  I got a couple of text messages after the appointment from people wanting to know what the gender was.

We see the midwife again on Monday for a regular check up.