Friday, August 1, 2014

Sprout: 14wks

Looking back I see I didn't post much about my last pregnancy. And that was the last time I posted.

And now, pregnancy again. 14 weeks today with this one. We've decided to call the creature Sprout. Because it needs to be called something, and It isn't a great name to be called until it's born and we know the gender and share the name (yep, we're doing that again).

So here we go again. I'm telling myself now I'll try to be better about posting but I'll see how that really goes since this time I'm growing a baby AND raising a toddler. Though we aren't planning to move this time, so maybe we'll feel a little more stable.
Bump shot? More like pudge shot. Starting to fill out a little, so in that looking pudgy stage. Pants still button, by now with Roland that was over. But this time I lost a little over 10 pounds right off the bat, and I haven't gained any back yet. Probably because I still feel a bit green most of the time. Food is not my friend at the moment.