Thursday, January 21, 2010

SomethingStore Delivers

Really, I should have posted this nearly a week ago. My item from The Something Store arrived last Friday, but finding the camera and the time to snap a couple of pictures didn't happen til today. I was surprised that it came so quickly. The item shipped from New York, so I thought it would be weeks of waiting. But it was less than a week. So here it is, the 'something' from The Something Store:

Its a leather travel wallet, made by Samsonite.

There are three snap-able compartments, and it is really nicely made. Sadly though, I have no use for such a thing. I don't even use a wallet as it is, just a card holder to hold the necessities since my old version of wallet was starting to rip holes in my pants.

But: I'm having a birthday party in a couple of weeks, and I think this will be one of the prizes for a game. So long as a girl wins the prize... Doug doesn't think any of the boys coming to my party would be excited about this.

Now that I have done this, I think I might do it again sometime. Even though I got something that will be gifted, it was fun to buy something, and then wait before I knew what it was. Plus, the price was right for that kind of fun.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Time for Change

I was never really happy with the dots background, but of the choices offered when I started my blog, I found it to be the best. I started noticing that a friend's blog always had changing backgrounds, and then today noticed the link. Not sure I'll stick to this background, but for now I like it better than the dots.

I should have known that it was possible to change my background from those offered by google. I follow lots of blogs on blogspot. Perhaps I just didn't care enough any other time I logged in.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Through some random searching in the internets, I found a store called The Something Store. It took about 3 seconds for curiosity to get the better of me, but I still did the "responsible thing" and read through all their pages and customer reviews (well, not all the reviews, just enough to decide it was okay to give in). And now: my order from The Something Store has been placed. If it is something kind of silly, it'll make a great gag gift for that someone special. Or maybe it'll be something really cool. Either way, I'll let you know when it arrives.

Even though I have no idea what is coming, this little bit of retail therapy has slightly brightened my day.