Saturday, January 19, 2008

Eeek! Where Has the Time Gone?

So I have been back at my Dad's for a little over a month now, but what have I done? First, I recovered from traveling for 3 months. Turns out there was quite a bit of missed sleep to make up for. Then I started researching graduate programs and chose a couple to apply to, which are in the works now. I've also served 2 days of Jury Duty for King County in Washington and looked for employment. Somewhere in there I made some new friends, got sick as a dog (from which I am still recovering), knitted a few things, and re-found my desire to travel. Now I have become restless again. I imagine that the rain in Seattle has helped push along my need to be on the move.

Lucky for me I have friends around the world, and one has invited me to come see Hawaii. I knew this was coming before my trip in Europe ended, and have been planning on trying to get there since she moved. I am still working out the details of getting there - I'd really like to use a benefit of my military service and get a military flight there. That would save me a ton on airfare, something that needs to happen if I even want to get there. Besides getting some much needed R&A time, I am really excited about this: I have no idea how long I will be staying there, nor where I will be going when I leave. There is an entire world of possibilities out there, and the next thing I've got coming up is hopefully starting a graduate program sometime next August/September.