Monday, June 29, 2009

Bike Out of Commission

Another quick post, and another without pictures. Late night tonight getting into Ft. Bragg, CA, and it was a long drive getting here. Yep, you read that right, drive, not ride. Yesterday morning Bev's bike lost its drive shaft, and is now out of commission. We had to wait in Tillamook, OR for her uncle to come pick up the bike, and then this morning her and Tim went and rented a U-Haul to get the bike back to Southern California.

I rode in the truck with Bev to keep her company/help with the driving, and also to get some rest from the bike myself. The cold I picked up back in Idaho is still with me, and I was hoping that with a little extra rest from the road it would clear up. We'll have to see how I'm feeling tomorrow.

We went the same route as the boys, and managed to stay ahead of them the entire day be getting a head start and making fewer stops. We knew they would be excited about all the twisties, and they were. They were pumped when they pulled into the hotel only minutes after us. I'll write more about the trip later.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Astoria, OR

Just a short post tonight, from Astoria, OR. We've been through to see my family in the Seattle area, where we were able to stay with my Dad and Stepmom. After 5 nights in hotels, it was very nice to stay somewhere familiar. It was also great to see my family again, even though it had only been a week since I left them to start on this trip. So thanks Carmen and Dad, for having us!

After leaving Seattle we headed north for Canada. We crossed the border on I-5, and then took a ferry over to Vancouver Island. We stayed in Victoria, BC, which was for lack of any better word: beautiful. We were there early enough to enjoy the city before bed, and left late enough today that Doug and I were out playing tourist this morning.

Today we took another ferry, from Victoria, BC to Port Angeles, WA. Then headed south to Astoria, OR. The ride was great.

More from me later. I need to get some sleep so I'll be ready for the ride tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Yuma, AZ to Ketchum, ID

Well, not all in one day. It has actually taken us three days to get this far, but blogging was put aside for sleep two nights ago, and gambling last night. Tonight I write from Idaho. Here are a few pics of what I have caught with the camera:

June 21st: Yuma, AZ to Page, AZ

Riding through some twisties. I tried to catch the lean of the bikes in front of me. Tim is leading, Mark is riding second. Doug and I were third in line, and Bev rode fourth. Pictures on these roads are a little more of a challenge for me, as the bike doesn't have a bar for me to hold onto like Doug's bike does. This was on the way to Jerome, AZ.

In Sedona, AZ. Apparently there was a sign that said "Please Do Not Sit," but since we all read real well, it was missed.

Doug looks like he was having way more fun.

View from the bar where we found Tim and Bev once we were ready to be back on the road.

Going through some mountains in Northern Arizona. This was a huge change from what we had experienced the day before.

Plenty of signs advised us to watch for deer and elk, but none were seen.

June 22: Page, AZ to Ely, NV

To start the day we passed over a really cool bridge, but in effort to keep postings on the road short, I'll have to post those pics later.

Bev in action.

Mark in action.

Tim in action.

Heading into Zion National Park.

Doug and I rode last so I could get pictures with the other three in them.

Inside the park's Visitor Center. Doug and Mark are planning to take over the world. Or at least this part of it.

Some more Utah.
Wide open road, Doug and I leading. We had to speed up to pass Tim. This was shortly after we passed into Nevada.

Just a nice shot, showing the difference in terrain from the start of our day.

We stayed in a hotel that was built in 1929, at which point it was the tallest building in Ely, NV. Funny signs were posted all over the place. One said "Caution: Do Not Open Window." Mark is demonstrating the reason for this warning.

July 23: Ely, NV to Ketchum, ID

Today was cold. Cold enough that I wore my jacket and liner, with a long sleeve underneath. For the entire day. We also encountered our first delay for construction.

Mark, trying to evade the elements.

Doug, after the longest stretch of nothing-to-see highway. The gas station was called Loves. About 50 miles after leaving Ely, we passed a sign that said "Next gas 78 miles." We usually stop every 100 miles or so for gas, so this was a stretch. Luckily, we had mp3 players plugged in to make the ride a little more enjoyable.

Most of today was spent just heading north. Not much to see, though we did stop for lunch in Jackpot, NV, the last stop for gambling before leaving the state. Idaho was yards away from the casino.

Once I have a chance to edit the rest of the pics so they'll load faster, I'll post a photo journal of the entire trip. Until then, I'll just keep up with the short(er) posts.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Simi Valley, CA to Yuma, AZ

8am: the 4 bikes, all lined up and ready to go. Just need their riders to climb on and get them started. If you look real close, you'll see Doug's co-pilot, Sharka, strapped on to the front of the right bike.

Out on the road, Doug and I riding tail. Tim is leading, Bev is riding second, Mark is third.

The day started with some sprinkles in Southern California along the coast, but after lunch we found the heat.

Mexico is on the other side of that fence. Notice the Border Patrol car keeping this empty street safe.

Gateway to Mexicali, Mexico.

See? Sign to the left of the door says "to Mexico"

Sign says "Arizona State Line." Yuma is only 2 miles from the border of CA.

4pm: end the ride for today. After checking into the motel (which I got a great deal on with my military ID) we headed for the pool to get nice and cooled off. Tomorrow starts us on the road at 6am, in hopes of missing most of the dry, Yuma heat. And I should get to see the Grand Canyon by the time we finish the day!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Getting Ready to Ride

Yesterday Doug, Mark, and I arrived in Los Angeles. Doug's Dad (Tim) picked us up from the airport and the ride from LAX to the house was a conversation based on the upcoming ride. Below are Doug, Tim, and Mark looking at the bike that Doug and I will be riding for the trip.

Doug and Mark are so excited about this trip, it is like Christmas and their birthdays all rolled into one, with probably a 4th of July or two mixed in.

The funniest part of the trip so far - and also the best way to acquire the 4th bike. Mark will be riding the bike of Doug's Stepdad.

Probably the only time anyone will ever see Mark riding passenger. Had to prove it happened.

And then they were off to Palmdale, to pick up the 4th bike. They took their time riding back, so both could have a chance to become acquanted with a bike they haven't ridden much yet.

Today we went out for about 200 miles. 200 miles on the mainland is completely different than it would have been on Oahu. For one, it didn't take the whole day. And second, it was all new road. Well, at least for me and Mark. Doug used to ride on the mainland before moving to Hawaii, so he already knew about going 200 miles without doing the same loop we always do. Since it was just to go out for lunch and to get used to the bikes, I didn't take the camera along, though I should have.

Tomorrow we head for Arizona. The day will mark the beginning of our 12-day journey from Southern California to Victoria, BC and back. And the idea is that we will not travel the same road twice.

Friday, June 5, 2009


For the last few days I have spent my productive time of the day down in my Grandma's basement. Opening boxes and storage bins that were packed and brought to Seattle nearly two years ago. Some things are easy enough to discard. Others are set aside to be thought about. And some are immediately repacked.

Most things that are set aside to be thought about end up getting moved to the discard pile, but it is a slow process. I packed with the expectations that after only a few months, I would be unpacking the boxes in a new apartment. Now it will be some time again before I get around to unpacking. I need to have the boxes packed and ready to go to get a valid estimate of shipping costs, but I still need more time to finish. Once I've chosen a company, I need to make an appointment. At this point I feel it is unlikely I'll finish in the time frame I expected to. I'm hopeful though, I'd like to get this done.