Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Yuma, AZ to Ketchum, ID

Well, not all in one day. It has actually taken us three days to get this far, but blogging was put aside for sleep two nights ago, and gambling last night. Tonight I write from Idaho. Here are a few pics of what I have caught with the camera:

June 21st: Yuma, AZ to Page, AZ

Riding through some twisties. I tried to catch the lean of the bikes in front of me. Tim is leading, Mark is riding second. Doug and I were third in line, and Bev rode fourth. Pictures on these roads are a little more of a challenge for me, as the bike doesn't have a bar for me to hold onto like Doug's bike does. This was on the way to Jerome, AZ.

In Sedona, AZ. Apparently there was a sign that said "Please Do Not Sit," but since we all read real well, it was missed.

Doug looks like he was having way more fun.

View from the bar where we found Tim and Bev once we were ready to be back on the road.

Going through some mountains in Northern Arizona. This was a huge change from what we had experienced the day before.

Plenty of signs advised us to watch for deer and elk, but none were seen.

June 22: Page, AZ to Ely, NV

To start the day we passed over a really cool bridge, but in effort to keep postings on the road short, I'll have to post those pics later.

Bev in action.

Mark in action.

Tim in action.

Heading into Zion National Park.

Doug and I rode last so I could get pictures with the other three in them.

Inside the park's Visitor Center. Doug and Mark are planning to take over the world. Or at least this part of it.

Some more Utah.
Wide open road, Doug and I leading. We had to speed up to pass Tim. This was shortly after we passed into Nevada.

Just a nice shot, showing the difference in terrain from the start of our day.

We stayed in a hotel that was built in 1929, at which point it was the tallest building in Ely, NV. Funny signs were posted all over the place. One said "Caution: Do Not Open Window." Mark is demonstrating the reason for this warning.

July 23: Ely, NV to Ketchum, ID

Today was cold. Cold enough that I wore my jacket and liner, with a long sleeve underneath. For the entire day. We also encountered our first delay for construction.

Mark, trying to evade the elements.

Doug, after the longest stretch of nothing-to-see highway. The gas station was called Loves. About 50 miles after leaving Ely, we passed a sign that said "Next gas 78 miles." We usually stop every 100 miles or so for gas, so this was a stretch. Luckily, we had mp3 players plugged in to make the ride a little more enjoyable.

Most of today was spent just heading north. Not much to see, though we did stop for lunch in Jackpot, NV, the last stop for gambling before leaving the state. Idaho was yards away from the casino.

Once I have a chance to edit the rest of the pics so they'll load faster, I'll post a photo journal of the entire trip. Until then, I'll just keep up with the short(er) posts.

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Jennifer Lynn said...

It looks so pretty out there! I hope I can take a nice road trip someday. Glad you guys are having fun!