Friday, June 5, 2009


For the last few days I have spent my productive time of the day down in my Grandma's basement. Opening boxes and storage bins that were packed and brought to Seattle nearly two years ago. Some things are easy enough to discard. Others are set aside to be thought about. And some are immediately repacked.

Most things that are set aside to be thought about end up getting moved to the discard pile, but it is a slow process. I packed with the expectations that after only a few months, I would be unpacking the boxes in a new apartment. Now it will be some time again before I get around to unpacking. I need to have the boxes packed and ready to go to get a valid estimate of shipping costs, but I still need more time to finish. Once I've chosen a company, I need to make an appointment. At this point I feel it is unlikely I'll finish in the time frame I expected to. I'm hopeful though, I'd like to get this done.

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