Friday, June 19, 2009

Getting Ready to Ride

Yesterday Doug, Mark, and I arrived in Los Angeles. Doug's Dad (Tim) picked us up from the airport and the ride from LAX to the house was a conversation based on the upcoming ride. Below are Doug, Tim, and Mark looking at the bike that Doug and I will be riding for the trip.

Doug and Mark are so excited about this trip, it is like Christmas and their birthdays all rolled into one, with probably a 4th of July or two mixed in.

The funniest part of the trip so far - and also the best way to acquire the 4th bike. Mark will be riding the bike of Doug's Stepdad.

Probably the only time anyone will ever see Mark riding passenger. Had to prove it happened.

And then they were off to Palmdale, to pick up the 4th bike. They took their time riding back, so both could have a chance to become acquanted with a bike they haven't ridden much yet.

Today we went out for about 200 miles. 200 miles on the mainland is completely different than it would have been on Oahu. For one, it didn't take the whole day. And second, it was all new road. Well, at least for me and Mark. Doug used to ride on the mainland before moving to Hawaii, so he already knew about going 200 miles without doing the same loop we always do. Since it was just to go out for lunch and to get used to the bikes, I didn't take the camera along, though I should have.

Tomorrow we head for Arizona. The day will mark the beginning of our 12-day journey from Southern California to Victoria, BC and back. And the idea is that we will not travel the same road twice.

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Jennifer Lynn said...

Andy says Doug still has a way to go on that hair, LoL.