Friday, October 1, 2010

Fall? Are You Sure?

Today is the first of October.  That means chiller days, sweater wearing.  Thinking about digging out a scarf or some mittens soon.  Digging out all the good soup and casserole and stew recipes.  Making sure the cupboard has a good selection of tea...

Or, none of the above.  Not having seasons makes somethings hard to remember.  Like the fact that Halloween is coming up.  Sure, we get the commercial reminders: suddenly there are TONS of bags of tiny candy bars.  Some stores have put out fall decorations.  Target has all their costumes out, and has for a few weeks now.  But it doesn't feel like Halloween is around the corner.  It just feels the same as always.

Warm, sunny days are nice, but I'm starting to miss my favorite seasons: fall and spring.  Especially spring.  I loved driving through pasture lands to see all the baby cows.  Watching the trees come back to life after sleeping all winter.  And waiting for the ground to send up tiny shoots of green.  I suppose Hawaii gets a rainy season, but it just isn't the same.