Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I've been meaning to post about my trip to California for a couple of weeks now, but never seem to find myself in front of the computer long enough to get it done. The trip was not as adventure filled as some, but a great trip all the same.Doug and I at a Dodger's game. Of course, I know little about baseball, so there was much explaining coming from him and his Dad.
Looking out over Dodger Stadium from our seats. Of course my camera was no where near me, so I used my cell phone for these two shots.
Waiting in line for the Soar Over California ride. Can you tell I'm excited about being at Disneyland?

At the end of the Buzz Lightyear ride. I should have shot more aliens.
Splash Mountain. At the end of the ride I was soaked, yet he was completely dry...
Arg! (at least I am trying to make a pirate face)
Walt and Mickey

Waiting in line for my favorite ride: Space Mountain. It was our last ride of the day (after 14 hours at Disneyland). It was also the 4th time we went on it.

Those two things were the main highlights of the trip. Now I am ready for more Hawaiian adventures. This may be a tiny island, but there is so much to do here.