Saturday, July 21, 2007


So I tried the sushi thing again last night. This time with sushi rice and brand new nori. I even opted for the sushi nori. And for how easy it was once I had the right ingredients, I'm a little disappointed I didn't take on the challenge sooner. There is still room for improvement, but at least I finally got the rice right. Now I can see just how long it will take for me to tire of sushi.

Guess what I'll be eating again today?

Friday, July 20, 2007

Failed Sushi

For some reason, lately I cannot seem to get enough of the sushi rolls. I think more than anything it is the wasabi, which really makes no sense because I usually don't like hot stuff. So today I gave my culinary skills a challenge and attempted making my own. The results? Nasty. I ate two bites and threw the rest away. I think it is all my fault though. Instead of white rice, I decided I should give brown a try. And I used nori that I bought more than two years ago, that has been sitting in my pantry in a ziploc bag getting stale. So now what do I do? I think I should head to the store, buy some rice that is meant for sushi, and new nori as well. I don't think I'll be brave enough to try preparing raw fish in my own home, at least not this far from the coast. But just filling them with veggies should be enough to satisfy me until I get closer to a salty body of water.

I think I might even try the second batch tonight.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Kids and Books

I have lots of kid's books. Why? There was a point in my life that I thought I would become an elementary teacher. I know, way out of character for me. Kids are cute and all, but me? In a classroom with 30 of them? All day long? For a whole year? Lucky for me I came to my senses just in time and changed my major to Sociology/Anthropology.

But, in the whole spirit of one day becoming a teacher, I started buying children's books when I could afford them, building what would someday be my classroom library. Why would anyone do that? Well, teachers out there already know: there is very little money given to you for classroom supplies. And if there are few books in your classroom, it will be hard to encourage your students to read when they have a little free quiet time. So if they are supposed to be quiet, and you would like them to read, but there are no books...well, kids are like ferrets. If you don't keep them busy, they will get into everything you don't want them too.

I decided to give eBay another try. This time with the books. I hope they go away. They were fun to read, but I don't need to read them again, nor do I need to move them half way across the country.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

My Car and a Hammer

Today I finally got around to doing some work on my car. It was much needed after hitting that last deer at the end of March. Turns out that much more work was needed than I could do. But I got one light working again, that was a plus. I also took off my nose panel, but then couldn't put it back on because it was too bent. So I had to order a new one. Funny thing about that is that the shipping was twice as much as the part. Arg. And I'll still have to take it somewhere, since I can't get the metal that holds the headlight bent back. I tried, but my hammer wasn't doing a great job. I suppose they aren't really meant for that, but the hammer was useful for breaking some plastic of the old light out of the way. Hopefully my car will start to look a little better soon, since I plan on taking it to Seattle. Then again, if it looks terrible, maybe no one will want to break into it again.

Friday, July 6, 2007


I really don't want to take the time to do this. I could just get rid of everything, but I hate the idea of that. Some of the things I have I got because I wanted them, and I worked hard to earn the money that paid for them. Or I didn't buy them, but I don't want to re-buy them in the future, because I know that it is something I would never buy for myself. I considered pulling a trailer with my car, but have been told by a few people that doing so will probably result in a blown transmission. So I guess I need to rent a truck, and pull my car. But is it really worth pulling?

Then I start to wonder: Why did I ever move my stuff here in the first place?

Paid for Blogging?

I have been looking around online at different things that can be done with a blog, and I decided to give PayPerPost a go. Here is their link: ads on blogs It looks pretty easy. From what I can understand thus far, is that I have to log into their site, look for things that look interesting to me, and then get paid for writing about them. If it works out that would be cool because it would be an easy way to pick up a few extra bucks here and there, and since it pays through PayPal, I could still do it when I was on my Euro-adventure. There are posting requirements, but I don't think they should be too hard to fulfill. If you decide to check it out, I signed up with this email address:

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Something To Do

Today I started a new job. Not that I really wanted to work for someone else, but pulling in some extra cash will be nice. And the job seems like it will be okay. The hours are flexible, and mostly I will be doing computer work indoors. That part is really nice, considering the heat outside. I'll be working for the college still, just a different professor on a different project.

Now I just need to get motivated to get my apartment ready to vacate. I like the location and all, but I can't stay here forever. This town is starting to suffocate me. It is time for me to find new things out and around. If some incredible offer came up for me to live here then I might consider it, but as of yet everything points towards leaving.