Wednesday, July 11, 2007

My Car and a Hammer

Today I finally got around to doing some work on my car. It was much needed after hitting that last deer at the end of March. Turns out that much more work was needed than I could do. But I got one light working again, that was a plus. I also took off my nose panel, but then couldn't put it back on because it was too bent. So I had to order a new one. Funny thing about that is that the shipping was twice as much as the part. Arg. And I'll still have to take it somewhere, since I can't get the metal that holds the headlight bent back. I tried, but my hammer wasn't doing a great job. I suppose they aren't really meant for that, but the hammer was useful for breaking some plastic of the old light out of the way. Hopefully my car will start to look a little better soon, since I plan on taking it to Seattle. Then again, if it looks terrible, maybe no one will want to break into it again.

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