Monday, July 16, 2007

Kids and Books

I have lots of kid's books. Why? There was a point in my life that I thought I would become an elementary teacher. I know, way out of character for me. Kids are cute and all, but me? In a classroom with 30 of them? All day long? For a whole year? Lucky for me I came to my senses just in time and changed my major to Sociology/Anthropology.

But, in the whole spirit of one day becoming a teacher, I started buying children's books when I could afford them, building what would someday be my classroom library. Why would anyone do that? Well, teachers out there already know: there is very little money given to you for classroom supplies. And if there are few books in your classroom, it will be hard to encourage your students to read when they have a little free quiet time. So if they are supposed to be quiet, and you would like them to read, but there are no books...well, kids are like ferrets. If you don't keep them busy, they will get into everything you don't want them too.

I decided to give eBay another try. This time with the books. I hope they go away. They were fun to read, but I don't need to read them again, nor do I need to move them half way across the country.

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