Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Few Wedding Pics

Our photographer, Dorothy Dean, posted a few preview photos of our wedding to Facebook. Since some of my family and friends read my blog, but are not on Facebook, I thought I would repost them here so you all could see them too.

The wedding itself was fantastic. Doug and I have said several times that we cannot think of anything we would have changed about the day. We had a little rain in the morning, but it stopped completely once it was time for Dad to walk me down to the beach, and only got sunny from there. The entertainment was more than we expected, and better too.

More photos to come, probably in a few weeks once the photographer has had time to go through them all. She took over 400. Plus, there are photos other people took, and they said they would share too.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Pictures of the New Place

I have managed to get my computer set up, which means a few photos. These were taken before much was moved in. At this point we only had a few boxes in the place.


Bedroom, with A/C unit and black out curtains

Living room. The open door goes to the storage section.

Kitchen. Think it looks tiny? It is tiny!

Second bedroom. To be used as an office/craft room/gear room (for all the outdoor gear). Right now it is being used to store all the boxes we moved in. They are slowly being unpacked, but we will need to get more furniture before that can be accomplished, unless we want to stack everything on the floor.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Moved, Sort Of

This weekend Doug and I moved into our own place. The move happened quickly: we signed the lease on Friday, and by Sunday all of our things were packed and moved. And we just started looking a week ago.

However, that does mean that as of yet, very little is unpacked. We did get to sleep in our bed last night, with clean sheets, and we did find clean clothes to put on this morning to go to work in. I even managed to find the peanut butter for a sandwich.

What we found is nice, and not too small if you take Hawaii standards into consideration. On the mainland this place would be called small, if not tiny, but we are just starting out, and this will be our first place. Better than the bedroom we were renting in someone else's house. It has two bedrooms, a living room, bathroom and a kitchenette. One of the rooms will be used as an office/craft/gear room. Some space in the living room will be used for the kitchen. Most of all, it will be nice to have a bedroom, not an all-in-one room.

I know you're probably wondering why I'm bothering to write a blog at this point, but I'm pretty excited about having our own place and wanted to write about it. I'd post pictures, but they are in my phone, and flickr won't open. I would be unpacking/setting up my own computer, but I am still at school waiting for Doug, so it'll have to wait another hour or so. Somethings will have to stay packed until we find furniture, but that will just spread out the "Christmas" feeling I get when I unpack.

Pictures to come when I get my own computer set up.