Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Few Wedding Pics

Our photographer, Dorothy Dean, posted a few preview photos of our wedding to Facebook. Since some of my family and friends read my blog, but are not on Facebook, I thought I would repost them here so you all could see them too.

The wedding itself was fantastic. Doug and I have said several times that we cannot think of anything we would have changed about the day. We had a little rain in the morning, but it stopped completely once it was time for Dad to walk me down to the beach, and only got sunny from there. The entertainment was more than we expected, and better too.

More photos to come, probably in a few weeks once the photographer has had time to go through them all. She took over 400. Plus, there are photos other people took, and they said they would share too.


SimonJester said...

Yay!!! Yayayayayayayayayayay!

Meghan Camino said...

Gorgeous!! Your wedding was so fun. I took video of most of it, just compiling it so I can burn it and send it your way :-) Congratulations!! Can't wait to see more pictures - I didn't take any at the wedding so I have to rely on others!