Friday, September 12, 2014

Sprout: Halfway!

That's right, 20wks today. And this week's picture doesn't look much different than last week's. I might even look smaller somehow...

Still experiencing some morning sickness, bleh. But the midwife prescribed a new anti-nausea med that is working better than the last. The last worked great for calming down my stomach, but was giving me terrible headaches. The new drug, reglan, calms my belly and helps me eat more. Which is good, since I still have negative weight gain (in other words, I weigh less now than before I got pregnant).

Sprout moves around, sometimes a lot, sometimes not much at all. I get the most movement after I've eaten something, and things are pretty quiet when I'm laying down. Maybe that means I'm growing another good sleeper - Roland was a great sleeper from day one. I even got scolded in the hospital because he slept for 5 hours straight and I couldn't wake him to feed him. He more than made up for it when he was awake though, so I figured that night nurse was getting agitated over nothing.

Roland is just as active as ever, so sometimes I feel bad because I can hardly keep up with him. More days than not I lay down for at least part of his nap. Luckily his naps have been 3 hours lately, so I still get some time to myself even when I do nap. But I have to be careful with him. He doesn't understand why I won't roughhouse play with him like Daddy, and why I get grumpy when he tries to crawl into my lap and I get a tiny knee in my belly.

Next week is the ultrasound, so we should get to see the baby some. It was supposed to be this week, but dealing with insurance has pushed it back. They'll cover the appointment, so long as the paperwork is filed in their very specific way. Which means a massive pain in the butt for me, I've spent more time on the phone regarding the appointment than I likely will in the appointment. Hopefully they can see everything they want in one appointment so I don't have to go through the insurance again for another scan.

We also see the midwife again next week. I have a long list of questions for her. If it seems we are compatible, then she may agree to take us on for the duration of my pregnancy. This would be neat for two reasons: it would mean the rest of my appointments will be with her, and she will be with me for delivery at the birthing center in Ashland. She is the only midwife in the practice that will deliver in Ashland. The rest of the team only has privileges in the Medford hospitals. So far all the midwives we've met have been great, but we'd prefer a birthing center to the hospital.

20wk belly. Still not much to see.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Sprout: 19 Weeks

I feel like I'm actually starting to show a little. Only took 4.5 months to start looking pregnant, but it took a long time with Roland too.
Morning sickness is still around. Well, it went away for a couple of weeks. I even started to gain back some of the 10 pounds I lost. But then it came back strong, I went 24 hours without being able to keep food or liquid down. When I called the midwife she suggested a trip to the ER, since it was a holiday and the clinic was closed. It took two bags of saline to get me hydrated enough to give a urine sample, plus two doses of zofran to get the nausea to go away so I'd stop throwing up. I was sent home with a prescription for more zofran. The stuff works, but it gives me headaches. Since the nausea was mild most of the day I dealt with that instead of the headache. But since the morning sickness came back my appetite is gone, and I'm losing weight again. The baby is moving plenty, and has a great heart rate, so they aren't too concerned about the weight loss.

I also found out I'm allergic to imitrex. Migraines have been really bad (a reason that slight nausea is easier to deal with than medication induced headaches) this time around, and tylenol is not always enough to stop them. Being pregnant tylenol is my only non-prescription option. So the midwife prescribed imitrex. And I got hives. Won't be taking that again.

Other than the morning sickness and migraines, everything is pretty much normal. Baby kicks are strong enough for me to feel, but not strong enough to be felt from the outside. Sleeping on my stomach is no longer possible.

Roland is kinda understanding. He pulls up his shirt and points to his belly and says "baby." Then he tries to pull up my shirt and says "baby" to my belly too. He's been to the midwife appointments, so he's heard the heart beat. I think that helped him understand that something is going on. I'm sure as I get bigger he'll understand a little more.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Sprout: 14wks

Looking back I see I didn't post much about my last pregnancy. And that was the last time I posted.

And now, pregnancy again. 14 weeks today with this one. We've decided to call the creature Sprout. Because it needs to be called something, and It isn't a great name to be called until it's born and we know the gender and share the name (yep, we're doing that again).

So here we go again. I'm telling myself now I'll try to be better about posting but I'll see how that really goes since this time I'm growing a baby AND raising a toddler. Though we aren't planning to move this time, so maybe we'll feel a little more stable.
Bump shot? More like pudge shot. Starting to fill out a little, so in that looking pudgy stage. Pants still button, by now with Roland that was over. But this time I lost a little over 10 pounds right off the bat, and I haven't gained any back yet. Probably because I still feel a bit green most of the time. Food is not my friend at the moment.