Friday, September 5, 2014

Sprout: 19 Weeks

I feel like I'm actually starting to show a little. Only took 4.5 months to start looking pregnant, but it took a long time with Roland too.
Morning sickness is still around. Well, it went away for a couple of weeks. I even started to gain back some of the 10 pounds I lost. But then it came back strong, I went 24 hours without being able to keep food or liquid down. When I called the midwife she suggested a trip to the ER, since it was a holiday and the clinic was closed. It took two bags of saline to get me hydrated enough to give a urine sample, plus two doses of zofran to get the nausea to go away so I'd stop throwing up. I was sent home with a prescription for more zofran. The stuff works, but it gives me headaches. Since the nausea was mild most of the day I dealt with that instead of the headache. But since the morning sickness came back my appetite is gone, and I'm losing weight again. The baby is moving plenty, and has a great heart rate, so they aren't too concerned about the weight loss.

I also found out I'm allergic to imitrex. Migraines have been really bad (a reason that slight nausea is easier to deal with than medication induced headaches) this time around, and tylenol is not always enough to stop them. Being pregnant tylenol is my only non-prescription option. So the midwife prescribed imitrex. And I got hives. Won't be taking that again.

Other than the morning sickness and migraines, everything is pretty much normal. Baby kicks are strong enough for me to feel, but not strong enough to be felt from the outside. Sleeping on my stomach is no longer possible.

Roland is kinda understanding. He pulls up his shirt and points to his belly and says "baby." Then he tries to pull up my shirt and says "baby" to my belly too. He's been to the midwife appointments, so he's heard the heart beat. I think that helped him understand that something is going on. I'm sure as I get bigger he'll understand a little more.

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