Thursday, January 21, 2010

SomethingStore Delivers

Really, I should have posted this nearly a week ago. My item from The Something Store arrived last Friday, but finding the camera and the time to snap a couple of pictures didn't happen til today. I was surprised that it came so quickly. The item shipped from New York, so I thought it would be weeks of waiting. But it was less than a week. So here it is, the 'something' from The Something Store:

Its a leather travel wallet, made by Samsonite.

There are three snap-able compartments, and it is really nicely made. Sadly though, I have no use for such a thing. I don't even use a wallet as it is, just a card holder to hold the necessities since my old version of wallet was starting to rip holes in my pants.

But: I'm having a birthday party in a couple of weeks, and I think this will be one of the prizes for a game. So long as a girl wins the prize... Doug doesn't think any of the boys coming to my party would be excited about this.

Now that I have done this, I think I might do it again sometime. Even though I got something that will be gifted, it was fun to buy something, and then wait before I knew what it was. Plus, the price was right for that kind of fun.


Meghan Camino said...

Aw that is pretty cute! Great prize too. Matt and I gather gifts all year for Christmas Eve bingo and we think we'll buy a few more things for that. Did you see my post about the things we got? Pretty cool concept, I'd buy there again too.

What day is your bday?!?!

alw_ays said...

Heh I switched to a blackberry case from a front-pocket wallet with a money clip for two reasons: one I didn't carry enough stuff and two it was ripping holes in my pants!