Tuesday, July 31, 2012

21 Weeks

Today is 21 weeks.  That means I am over half way.  Not much to see yet though.  I took this picture this morning.  I am starting to fill in a bit, but nothing big yet.  I'm sure that'll be coming soon enough.  I think I looked bigger in the picture I took last week, but that must have been the result of some lovely baby bloat.

More exciting than the picture is feeling the baby.  Last week I was getting some good kicks and Doug could feel them too.  Yesterday we saw the midwife for my 20wk check-up, and when she was looking for a heart beat baby was kicking at her.  We briefly heard the heart beat before the baby rolled away and started kicking again.  Guess baby was not a fan of the Doppler wand.


Meghan Camino said...

Dang you really are still pretty tiny, but your bump is adorable! I'm sure you're right, it will come :) So excited for you guys!! Can't wait to meet the little one!

Dorothy Dean said...

Jack never liked the Doppler either. He was contrary from the very beginning.