Sunday, June 3, 2007

Falling Off the Face of the Earth

So kind of last minute like, I packed a backpack and decided I would be heading to Moab when I got off work instead of coming back home. I packed so last minute, I forgot things like deodorant and my comb. Not to worry though, those things can be purchased almost anywhere. Though I packed burnable material, I forgot to pack a lighter. And didn't realize it until I was ready to burn that material. By then I was too lazy to go find one, or matches. Only a couple of people knew I was going, and I didn't think it would really matter since I would only be gone one night. But when I returned today, I had a voicemail, a text message, and a MySpace email all from the same person. I guess when you have a cell phone, people really freak out if you don't return their calls/messages promptly. What will they do when I cancel my service, and go off the grid, only using my Dad's phone when I feel like it (if at all)? Another thing that is slightly odd is that looking at my call log, only the people who said they would call have called in the last week. So usually people don't call me anyways. I really believed that no one would notice if I left town for a night. Suppose I should try it again sometime soon, to see if it was just an accident that it was noticed this time.

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