Wednesday, June 13, 2007

To Find a Job or To Not Find a Job

Top 10 Reasons I Should Never Consider a “Real” Job:
1.I never want to look forward to going to the dentist, just so I can skip some work.
2.I hate driving in traffic.
3.Business offices are boring.
4.I already have health insurance.
5.There would not be enough time for things I really want to do.
6.I would need to take a vacation from regular life just to feel good.
7.Someone else would tell me what to do.
8.I can't afford work clothes, nor do I want to wear them.
9.I wouldn't be able to listen to the music I like.
10.I fear drones.

Top 10 Reasons I Should Consider a “Real” Job:
1.Regular paycheck.

That's all I got. So far, the benefits of not working far outweigh the benefits of working. Now if only I could get my unconventional working self paid.... At least I know that if I were ever to become a trophy wife, I would have more than enough things to keep my day full, and that would be with the husband gone (hopefully out of town - permanently) and no kids to look at.

Money sucks. We should find more mentally healthy ways of doing things.

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Little Red said...

Don't let anyone talk you into getting a soul-sucking job!! You don't want to become a clone, or do you?