Sunday, June 3, 2012

Carrying a Passenger

As most people who know me know, I have a tiny passenger.  S/he is 12wks, 6 days into gestation as of today.  Pretty soon I'll be out of the first trimester, but I haven't been dealing with too many side effects yet so I'm not sure I'll be feeling loads better when I get there.  Mostly I don't feel anything yet.  I had morning sickness for exactly two weeks, and the IBS is a little more unpredictable than it used to be, but the asthma is as quiet as it normally is.  I have been taking daily naps again, and they tend to be longer than they used to be.  No big deal though, I've always been a big fan of the afternoon nap.
I've worn this shirt twice now.  The first time was at Doug's Honolulu Tri.  The second time was yesterday when he did the half Ironman.  We did this picture at the Honolulu Tri.  Still no bump, but we were just under 11wks.

Went in for my first prenatal appointment at 12wks.  The student midwife looked for the heart beat with a Doppler, but couldn't find it.  So her attending midwife came it and looked longer, but still couldn't find it.  Finally they went and got an OB who could run the ultrasound machine and we got to see the baby instead.  Doug took this photo of the computer screen with his phone.  Baby's head on the left, and you can see a little arm in the middle.  Baby was very active, moving around a whole bunch.  It's still too small for me to feel any movements, but we could make out the heartbeat, two legs and two arms.  No word on the gender yet, can't find that out until it's born.  Well, we could at the 20wk appointment, but neither of us want to know.  We're waiting to share the name until it's born too.

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Meghan Camino said...

SO excited for you two!!! You better post tons of pics when you start to show.

Skype date soon??