Monday, January 30, 2012

Yikes! Long Time, No Posting

I haven't forgotten about my tiny space over here on the internet.  Every now and then I even start writing a post.  And then before I finish I get distracted and by the time I come back to it three weeks have passed.  Suppose graduate school/student teaching/working/all the other things will do that to a person.  I even still have pictures from New Zealand to share.

Now I am reduced to only two of those things: working and all the other things.  However, all the other things has become a VERY long list due to neglect during the graduate school/student teaching phase.  But I did manage to graduate, all while wearing clean clothes and without withering away due to forgetting to eat.  Somehow.

Which means I am a real teacher now!  I even have my very own class.  Sort of.  I started teaching at Waialua Elementary school up on the North Shore.  The class was already in existence with a teacher and two EAs, but they were going up from 9 kids to 11 and needed another teacher.  I was offered the job at my interview and took it.  The first week I fit in here and there, while I saw what the class had already been doing.  Then the other teacher took the kids who'll be going into kindergarten next year and they started using another classroom for their morning activities.  I stayed in the original classroom with 5 kids who will still be in preschool next year.  At lunch the two groups come together, and then we all stay in the same classroom for naptime.  Not much else happens after lunch.

It has been odd, these last few weeks, to not have homework that needs to be submitted before I go to bed on Sunday.  That first weekend after school started back up I kept feeling like I was forgetting something.  Even so, the weekends still feel too short.  Not because I dread going back to work on Monday, but because on Friday afternoon I have an idea of all stuff I'll be getting done and come Monday morning I realize how little of it actually go done.

This weekend was plenty busy.  I was feeling sick on Saturday and went to the clinic to make sure it wasn't serious.  The doc said while I was contagious, it was a virus so I'd just have to wait it out.  Apparently there has been something going around among small people, and since I spend most of the day with them I probably have the same thing.  She told me I can expect to get worse before I get better and that I should expect it to last about two weeks.  Um, thanks for your help?  Sunday I got up and did a 5k.  I wasn't feeling too bad when I woke up so I decided it would be fine for me to go out.  And the event was good.  It was a fundraiser for epilepsy.  They also had a 100k bike ride that Doug did, and by the time we got home I was exhausted.  I woke up after a long nap feeling even worse than I had on Saturday so maybe the doc was right.

Well, kind of a quick update.  Got more events coming up, so there should be more frequent posts.  Next weekend I am doing a women's 5k, which is part of a longer women's series.  There will also be a 10k in March and a half marathon in April.  Doug and I are also planning a half marathon in March.  And before you go thinking that I must have changed a whole lot since my last post, I haven't.  Sure, these are all advertised as running events, but I am not running.  Instead I am walking.  It doesn't suck.  It might take longer, but so far I have been doing pretty good of maintaining a 15 minute mile, and since I finish before some of the runners I'm probably doing alright.

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