Monday, January 5, 2009

A Christmas Kidnapping

Ahh, the holidays were fun, but it is nice to be back in Hawaii and warm again. Mostly because when you get used to the weather around here, 60 degrees (F) feels a bit chilly - making the near freezing temperatures experienced on the Mainland feel even colder.

There was a lot of pre-planning on Doug's part for this adventure, but seeing as he was the kidnapper, I suppose that is to be expected. He started by waking me up on the 24th and telling me I had two hours to be dressed in my dress and ready to go.

Now you might be wondering why I had a dress in California for Christmas break when it was freezing. I might have wondered too if he had told me to bring a dress, "just in case." This was covered up with family photos. His Mom wanted to get family photos when everyone was around because there was a new baby in the family. Doug convinced me that it might be nice to wear a dress since I don't dress up much, and I agreed. Somewhere along the line he even got me to decide that green would be the better dress choice. Knowing that it would be a bit chillier than we were used to, and that I tend to freeze while sitting indoors when I'm not dressed in jeans and a sweater, he also suggested I find a shawl and boots to go with the dress. Deciding that it might be fun to get decked out, I went ahead and found the necessary accessories, all the while believing that this was for a family photo.

So I got dressed and off we went. For the entire drive he still wouldn't tell me where we were off too. He wouldn't even let me see the directions he had copied from the internet. I had to wait till we turned a corner and I saw the signs for Wicked. Yep, he took me to see the musical Wicked. It was the coolest theater experience I have had yet, and I'm sure the little local theater here in Hawaii will seem a bit sub par after that show.

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