Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I'm a Graduate Student

I've been excited about going back to school for a while now. I even stayed up until midnight to register for classes on the day my letter told me I would be able to register. Instead of registering though, I was only highly annoyed to learn that for my specific classification, I couldn't register for 4 more days.

On the new day I was supposed to be able to register, I found I was unable to get into any of the classes I had though looked interesting: all claimed to need instructor approval, first because it was a 600 level course, then at the lower level because I wasn't formally accepted into the program for which the classes were offered. I called the Graduate division at UH only to be told I had to email the professors teaching the courses I was interested in. They even told me not to call, as classes hadn't started yet, it was unlikely I would reach anyone in their office. I sent out emails, but on the morning of the first day of classes I still hadn't heard from anyone.

Next best step: show up in person. Before leaving the house I found that I could take 600 level course so long as the department approved. Upon arriving at the campus I was told the parking garage was full, I would need to find street parking. Getting lost and wasting half an hour looking for a place to park led me to pay for parking - $8 for two hours. Once at the Anthropology department, I was informed I needed to go to the professor directly. Lucky for me, the professor of the course I was most interested in was in his office. He had emailed me back, but by the time he sent his reply I was already on my way in to see someone. He assured me he would put in the waiver so I could register for the course, and said he would see me in class the next day. Happy about finally getting in to a class it was off to the bookstore to see what I'd be reading for the semester.

Before arriving in class I was still unable to register - but the professor went through the process again for me and now I'm in. Turns out the system was too busy from everyone trying to get things taken care of. But it all worked out, and now I am taking Linguistic Anthropology. The class only meets on Tuesdays and I've decided taking the bus is far better than dealing with the driving/parking issues on campus - even though it means a mile and a half walk.

Outside of the University I have also put myself into another course: one for getting certified to be a substitute teacher. Once I am done it will be interesting to see just how much of all those elementary education classes I took can be put to work. I've been told that there is such a need for subs that I can work everyday if I wanted to. I suppose I'll have to see how much I like it first.

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Ann Hartter said...

You suck, or I'm jealous, I'm not sure which.

Linguistic Anthropology...
Can I have your book when you're done?