Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Two Weeks in Pictures

Finally! I remembered to take along my camera and snap some pics while out over the last couple of weeks. Here are some shots of what I've been up to:

First, a visit out to Laie Point, on a motorcycle.

Even on an overcast day you can still get in a good ride.

Me Standing next to Doug's bike.

Doug and I, out at the point.

A whole in a rock just off the point.

A full view of the rock with a whole in it.

Doug trying to look serious, but Kyla goofing around just to prove its all about a good time.

Next is Halloween. This was a fun night that took some time in the making.

My dress as it was when I brought it home - yep, started with 5 men's button up shirts from Goodwill

The finished dress, plus stitches drawn on me by Doug. I was Sally from
The Nightmare Before Christmas

A close up of my stitches

Doug as Jack Skellington

The Pumpkin King

Jack Skellington and Sally

Mark dressed as an anime character - it was fun when people recognized him and stopped him on the streets of Waikiki for a picture

Doug and Mark, dressed to go out

The next activity has become a regular one: Hawaii Winter Baseball. Never went to games as a kid, but it turns out I enjoy watching - so long as it is in person. Not a big fan of baseball games on TV, and watching the game has become even more fun now that I have learned how to score it. And at $4 a game, it's not gonna break the budget.

Doug looking tough

Doug and I, getting a goofy pic

The game in action

One of the 4 creepy mascots of Hawaii Winter Baseball

And today's excitement: a hike out at Hanauma Bay. Doug and I had gone out looking for this hike before, but we had bad directions to the trail head and never found it. Today our directions were better, and we had some great views.

On our way to the start of the hike, Koko Crater in the background. I told him to look like a tourist. I've never seen this green, it usually looks like it belongs in the desert.

The start of the hike. It looks almost too easy...

Further along the hike. It got pretty steep.

The breeze was great

Hanauma Bay in the background

The end of the world

The sign says it. We didn't know this was here, so it was pretty neat to find

Looking over the ancestral grounds

A closer look at the ancestral grounds. Not sure why the white flags were there

A survey marker found along the way

Looking down into Hanauma Bay

End of the hike pic. It was a great way to spend the morning of Election Day.

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