Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Day as a Tourist

On Tuesday Doug had the day off for Veteran's Day. Instead of doing nothing with the day, we decided that it was time for a trip to the Honolulu Zoo. To make our trip even more fun (at least for us) we decided to act as tourists. Here's what we saw:
First up: Elephants!

Doug wants to go play

So he can read...

I think he is beginning to get agitated over not seeing the lions yet

Look what I can do

Look at all the children - I didn't know there was a display for them!

Just like a good tourist, I stood on the railing to get this shot. Good thing Doug held my belt or I might have fallen in.

I'm supposed to be making an, "Aww, how cute face." He made me do it.

"I don't wanna grow up, I'm a Toys "R" Us kid...."

This is Doug's joke: What is black and white all over?


Maybe I was wrong about Doug being able to read...

Where do the animals go when they aren't home in the zoo?

A little teeny tiny antelope. They only weigh about 20 pounds.

I wonder what all the animals make of the humans looking in on them?

This child was beating down the plants with his stick - an example of poor parenting or a child that got loose from his cage?

Oh Rhino

I was able to make getting up on this statue much harder than it needed to be.

Next: We shall conquer the city!

I made him crawl in there with a bunch of little kids...

Hanging out with the fish

It was payback for the face I had to make

And the end of the day souvenir: A squished penny

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