Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I'm the Creepy Lady

Well maybe not really. But I did succeed in creeping out an ABC Store (the largest chain of convenience stores on the island) cashier. It was super easy, and I did it all without even trying. Really.

On Sunday Doug and I went to a craft market in Honolulu too look around. Anticipating a lack of parking, we took the bike but also a change of clothes. Upon arriving at the park where the craft market was taking place, I changed into shorts and slippahs. After a couple of hours in the sun, we decided to change locations, and this is where the fun begins.

Instead of going through the trouble of wrapping a towel around myself and changing out of shorts back into jeans in the parking lot, I just pulled my jeans over my shorts. This was to save time, as I thought I would be removing my jeans at the next location to enjoy the comfort of shorts again. In thinking that I would be removing the jeans, I left my wallet and cash in the pockets of my shorts instead of transferring them to the pockets of the jeans. En route to the next location, it was decided that we should visit a local mall instead of the streets of Waikiki, where we would have the added comfort of air conditioning, since it was a rather warm day, even for November.

Once parking at the mall, Doug and I decided that it would be better to just leave our jeans on. After all, while air conditioning is a nice touch to indoor venues, they often have it turned a bit too high, and then I freeze. Of course, at this point I had forgotten that my wallet and cash were still in my shorts. And after being in the sun for a couple of hours, my body was in need of some liquid refreshment. Good thing there was an ABC Store nearby. I walked in to find myself a tasty beverage, and then proceeded to the counter. The nice lady told me how much I owed, I reached into my pockets only to remember that my cash was in the pockets inside my jeans. No worries, I'll just undo my belt and out of the cashier I hear: *gasp* "What are you doing?!"

Duh!! Normal people don't just start undoing their pants to find money, do they?? Haha. I quickly explain that it was okay. I was wearing shorts. I was with my boyfriend on his motorcycle. I put my jeans on over my shorts. It wasn't til I walked out of the store with the drink and receipt in hand that I realized what I had really just done. Lucky for me the friends I was with that day found just as much humor in it as I did.

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