Friday, October 31, 2008

No Pumpkin for You

This year I learned about the availability of pumpkins in Hawaii. It's been a few years since I bought a pumpkin to carve. Last year I was out of the country, and the year before that I ate all the pumpkins I bought without carving a single one (well, besides the normal carving and cutting up involved with pumpkin preparation). This year I saw that stores were "starting" to get their pumpkins around the beginning of the month. At least I thought they were starting to. Turns out that initial shipment I saw at each store was the ONLY shipment. Of course, I didn't realize that there would be a shortage of pumpkins until it was far too late.

Now it is Halloween, and there are no pumpkins. I've been all over town looking for them, but all I came up with were specialty varieties of squash (which I bought. Hope Doug likes squash). The squashes are too small for carving. I wonder if I can still roast the seeds though? And if any stores will get in another small shipment of pumpkins for the pie making at the end of next month?


shark__man said...

What a bummer! We had no pumpkins to carve for Halloween! *sad*
On the up side, my girlfriend was super awesome on Halloween!

Abby said...

Yeah..the same thing happened to us. I'm so used to the mainland that I didn't even think about there not being any pumpkins left to buy 2 days before Halloween. I guess all of our carving supplies will have to wait till next year!