Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Tapas and Spain

After Valencia I found myself heading even further south to Malaga. It was a quite place, but loads of construction. Met a couple of Canadian brothers from close to home, and spent most of my time there just relaxing. I did wander about and found an incredible city park, full of things like Bird of Paridise plants, orange trees, and palm trees.

From Malaga I took a bus and back-tracked a bit, to Granada. I think Granada may have been one of the more memerable cities I have visited. I randomly ran into someone I had met at a previous hostel (in Valencia), had a traditional Tapas experience, and checked out the Alhambra, an amazing palace with some unreal architecture. Can´t wait to share those pics.

My first day in Granada I opted for a Kebab stand in an effort to eat something cheap and fast. Big mistake, I had some pretty nasty food poisoning later on that night. Full body chills and shakes and getting sick. All around it was a pretty miserable experience. But the other travelers I was with were really helpful, making me tea and trying to give me advice on how to make myself more comfortable. I ended up turning in early and getting a long night´s sleep that night.

My second day in Granada I leared about the traditional Tapas. Tiny drinks of beer or wine go for around 2Euro, but come with more than just a tasty morsel. My first was a ham sandwich, my second a small hamberger, made from scratch. Both came with fries.

The Alhambra was quite a hike to get to, but completely worth the effort. Even though tourist season is about dead, they are still pretty strickt about how many people can visit an any given time, make the experience better for all. There was no crowding here.

My last night in Granada the hostel I stayed at offered a Tapas tour for 1Euro. Decided it would be a great way to dinner, and went along, with just about everyone else from the hostel. In the end I spent very little cash for a meal out with a few drinks. I only ate 4 tapas, but I was so stuffed at the end of the evening that I got a great night´s sleep. I don´t think I could have cooked for myself and eaten that well for the amount I paid. The company was great too, meeting all kinds of people from all over the world.

Now I am making progress towards Morocco. No idea what to expect there, but that is part of the adventure. And the clock is counting down too, only a little more than 2 weeks to go. Wonder what I´ll find for travel excuses back home?

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Little Red said...

I hope you have fun in Morocco, that's always been a dream destination of mine. I know of a great place you can visit once you get back ; )