Thursday, November 8, 2007

Random Foodstuffs

Today I learned that there is some importance in being able to read what it is you are buying before the point of purchase. While at a supermarket in Bratislava, I thought a carton of milk and a couple of pastries would make a wonderful breakfast. However, at the register, the lady wouldn't sell me the pastries because I didn't have the "special code" from the bakery - didn't know I needed this, as everyone else was happily putting what they wanted into bags before just walking away. I thought I should do the same.

The next mistake came in the yogurt/milk isle. At least I thought there was milk there. I picked up a carton of what looked to be like milk, and was able to buy it because it had a barcode. But as I opened the container, I realized that maybe it wasn't milk. Smelled a little sour, and was really thick. Oops. But I couldn't just not try it, so I took a HUGE swig. Ugh. Definitely sour. But maybe it was yogurt, just not sweetened. So I drank some more. After about the second drink, it was getting better, so I decided to drink the whole thing. After all, it was all I had, since I had no "special code" for my pastries.

Once drinking all of the contents, I asked a girl at the register of a McDonald's if she knew what it was in English. They told me sour milk. Just for kicks I thought I would ask another group of kids out on the street. While asking another woman heard me, and stopped to explain what it was I had just consumed. Turns out it is about half milk, and half cream, and soured. Uhhh, not quite milk or yogurt....

Not all is bad though, I had a full belly, and I'm (still) not sick from it. I wonder what I will find to abuse my stomach with in the next place?


Anonymous said...

Well, at least you tried the supermarket and didn't immediately go for the McD's, ech. Too bad about the pastries, maybe next time the clerk will help you out a bit and have someone get the 'special code' for you. I don't think soured milk can hurt you too much, unless it's green and chunky or something. Better luck next time on the food run!

alw_ays said...

Katie: Dear Angela, I love you.
Emil: do you have pictures of cars?
Kristian: Drink some sour milk for me.
Ann: uh... hi. :)

PKWinter said...

Angela, it sounds like you bought BUTTERMILK!! I can't believe you drank it.