Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Nearly a Month´s Worth of Photos

I was trying to upload several pictures, but the computer I am on is slow, and it was getting annoying, so I didn´t upload everything I have. I also couldn´t upload pictures taken sideways. This computer won´t let me save files, which I need to do to turn the pictures up-right, so maybe in a few weeks when I get home I can post other landmarks I snapped while in Italy.

On top of the church in Dordrect. This was the church right across a canal from my friend´s house. It chimed really loud, but luckily, it only chimed during the day so it wouldn´t keep you up all night.
´Crash Test´car in Dordrecht.
Standing over the canal in Dordrecht, the Netherlands
Usually this is part of a fountain, but this time of year it is just too cold in Bratislava, Slovakia.
The carton of sour milk stuff I drank. Took a picture so I could find out for sure what it was later. From what other people have told me, it was probably buttermilk. Not the best tasting stuff, but it is supposed to be good for you. At least I did learn that it was something meant to be drunk, as opposed to something used in small quanities, such as cream for coffee.
Post box in Bratislava, Slovakia
Duomo Church, Milan, Italy. Hard to see in this picture, but on top of each spire is a carving of a person.
Colliseum, Rome, Italy

Parthenon, Rome, Italy
Mediterrenean Sea as seen from Trapani, Sicily, Italy
Teeny tiny flowers
Barcelona Beach
Octopus in the aquarium in Barcelona. I later ate little one for dinner.
Cool building in Valencia.
Another building in Valencia.


Little Red said...

Beautiful pics! Once again, I'm jealous.

Happy Thanks-for-your-Givings Day!

alw_ays said...

K2: the teeny tiny flowers are very pretty

E: I need a had a car when the car broke Then people came to see it and the potato arm broke and people were watching that show.

A: I have no idea what he's talking about.

K: Happy Thanksgiving, whatever the european equivalant is

K2: I wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving, too.