Monday, November 19, 2007

Finding Warmness

So...I have ended up in Valencia, Spain. A bit warmer here - no coat needed to wander around. So far I have only walked circles around my hostel (not really intended, but I did´t think looking at the map was necessary) and found something to eat for dinner. Tomorrow I will work on some sight-seeing.

The train ride was nice, better than the budget airlines. Plenty of leg space, a movie with my own personal headphones handed out at the beginning, and candies halfway through. There was a food/beverage car, but I was content with the water I had so I never bothered to check the other options. The movie was dubbed in Spanish, so I listened to music and relaxed. On more than one occasion, the water was right outside my window. Hopefully I´ll find a place warm enough for swimming. Been searching for that since leaving Bratislava.

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Michelle said...

Great pics! We were begining to worry about you, but I guess when you're seeing that many great things there's not much time for blogging :) I hope you get to see everything you intend on before getting back home.