Wednesday, October 3, 2007


So, I finally got onto a computer that could handle uploading pictures from my memory card. I considered putting the photos in with previously published posts, but decided they could go in their own.
This is another picture from Skara Brae. The place was really amazing. To think that at one time people actually lived in tiny little stone dwellings.
This was a ruin I found along my hike. The roof has caved in, and the back wall is nearly gone. I did climb inside, but it was not easy. More like crawling, the opening was very low. Not much to see inside though, but it was interesting to see how thick the walls were. This is believed to be a bit younger than Skara Brae, but still very old.

An awesome rock formation from along the hike. I'll have to fill in the name later.

The outside of the Italian Chapel. This was a prisoner of war site during WWII. The Italians were doing all they could to make their camp feel more like home, and the last thing they built was this chapel. Since it was war time, and they were prisoners, not much was made available to them by way of building materials. They used all they could get, but mostly it was scraps.

Inside the chapel. It looks like bricks, but don't be fooled. The walls are actually painted to give it the look it has. It was a very small chapel.

Edinburgh castle. I didn't go inside, it was too full of tourists. And the price was unreal. It was nice to view from the outside though.

This is an old castle that is in ruins now. I saw it from the ferry on my way to the Isle of Mull. It was on the mainland. Kinda hard to see, since it now has moss growing all over it. If I had more time in this area, I think it might be fun to go hunt it down, and see it from the ground.

Duart Castle from the ferry on the approach to the Isle of Mull. This castle is the reason I made the trip out to the Isle of Mull. It is owned (and still lived in) by the chief of the MacLean clan. There is some relation on my mom's side of the family, they were McLeans. This castle was nearly empty, and more affordable to visit. More fun too, since it wasn't a guided tour, you could just wander through at your leisure.

I really liked the color of this tree. It was at the Torosay Castle and Gardens, only down the road from Duart Castle. It is a short tree, only about as high as my waist. The gardens were fun to wander through, though in the summer the plants are probably nicer.

Torosay Castle, from the bottom of the gardens.

The stream that runs through the gardens.

That's it for pictures now. Today I take a bus to Glasgow, Scotland, and then on Saturday I fly off to Dublin. Hope you enjoyed the slideshow.


PKWinter said...

Cool pictures! Thanks.
I've never seen the MacLean castle before.
Stay safe.
Love MOM

alw_ays said...

Emil looked at your pictures with me. He said, "I don't see Angela." Then, when asked if he wanted to tell you something, he said "I have cars."

:) We are happy you are having fun.