Thursday, October 11, 2007

Some Photos and an Update

This here is a shot of the Necropolis in Glasgow, Scotland. These are some of the smaller monuments erected to dead loved ones.

Dublin was a great city, but a little overwhelming. There are people everywhere, but I suppose that is to be expected, after all, it is a city. I went on a long walk through the city on my second full day there, through Phoenix park. It was really nice, but I didn't find much to take pictures of. I even got lost along the way, but it was okay, I just had to go a little further than the guide said to get to the small village I found lunch in.

While looking for lunch I ran into a guy from the Netherlands. Turns out he was on the same walk I was, using the same guide book. We walked along together for a while, and then I left him so I could move along to the Guinness Brewery before it closed.

The Guinness Brewery was something else. I have done a couple brewery tours before, but this one was self-guided. They had the usual information on how beer is brewed, but the best part was the 3 floors that covered various parts of Guinness history. That was neat to learn about, other brewery tours I have done belonged to beers that have only been around for a short time compared to Guinness. At the end everyone (of age) gets a free beer, up in a bar from which you can see the city of Dublin from 360 degrees.

My last day in Dublin I had decided that I had seen enough of the city, so I went out to the Howth Peninsula, where things were supposed to be a little quieter. And they were. I thought I would hike to the highest point, but got rained out, so I walked around the small fishing town instead. Of course, then the rain cleared up.

Looking back on the Howth Peninsula from the piers.

At the end of the pier, taking a picture of the island just off the peninsula.

St. Mary's Church, found in Howth. It was left to ruins long ago, built even longer ago. What can be seen now was built around the 16th century. Now it is a cemetery, and there are even graves inside the ruin. I just happened to be walking down the street when I looked through the entrance and saw the rainbow.

I have now arrived in Galway, Ireland. People here are more than friendly, and last night I met great people in the hostel from Poland, among other places. We all sat around, drinking tea, coffee, or beer, chatting and listening to guitar music. People who could play took turns; it was an enjoyable evening.

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Anonymous said...

Looks neato! I think I could have spent all day in Necropolis but, then again, I like a good walk through a cemetary.

Good weather and blue sky thoughts are being sent your way.