Friday, September 28, 2007

Rocking Ferries

My Ferry ride back from the Orkney Islands was a little different than the ride up there. The weather was a bit harsher, and the ferry was definitely rocking most of the journey. Had I been awake it might have been a little disturbing, but it actually made sleeping a little more comfortable, at least when it wasn't too hard. More than once I woke up because of the waves.

I'm now in Edinburgh, just getting started. Out for a self-guided city walk today. Stopped into a library for free internet, and a place to wait out the rain that was just starting to come down hard. I see sun coming in through the windows now though, so back to my walk. This city is amazing with its castle and old churches. I'm even staying in a church this time around, but it has been converted to a hostel, so I'm not freeloading.

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tica-carmen said...

Really enjoying your blog. More pics when you get the comp problems fixed, please. Castle Rock?