Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I've Made It

To London that is. Not getting much sleep on the flight makes for a long day, and I still have a couple of hours before I can check into my hostel. Glad I decided to stay for two nights, since the museums I want to see while I'm here wouldn't be enjoyable today for how tired I am. Hopefully a short nap will make for a better evening.

I did get a chance to read about London in my guide on the plane. Since the guide is meant for people traveling on a budget, it includes attractions that are free. Hopefully I'll remember to take a few pictures so I can show off what I have been seeing. The British Museum and the Museum of Natural History sound like my kind of thing. If not, there is always the city wandering that I did last time I was here. As long as the rain keeps itself under control, that makes for a great way to spend the day.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you made it! I'm sitting in my bro's room listening to geckos. I tryed to call you a couple of nights ago but I didn't leave a message, I was a little wound up and forgot. I hope you have a great time abroad! Be safe and keep in touch!

alw_ays said...


Send me a postcard? I love stamps!?!

PKWinter said...

Hi Angela,
Glad to hear you made it OK.
This seems like it will be a cool way to keep updated on your adventure.
Have fun and take care.
Love MOM