Friday, August 3, 2007

Super Onion Breath

A couple of hours ago I took a huge bite out of a thick slice of onion. A nice, pretty white onion. Mostly because I wanted it on my pizza, but it didn't get on there in time. So, bite of pizza, bite of (salted) onion. And now?? Super Onion Breath. I can still taste it. Which would be okay if it were a good onion, but I've had better. Too bad I didn't have a date tonight, that could have been fun. At least for me.

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Little Red said...

Mmmmm... onion breath... I only wish I had been there, I would have found you a boy to kiss with your super-duper oniony breath of death!

I hope your moving is going well, I found that it was incredibly hard to give away stuff. Are you still thinking of having a garage sale?

Miss You!