Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Internet Issues

Sometimes, I wish I could charge corporations for their waste of my time. For 3 days my internet wasn't working, yet every time I tried to call I got an automated response that service in my area was down at the moment. At which point I had the option of receiving an automated call when service was back up. I pressed #1, to agree to receiving the call. And the call? Came at 11:40pm, and all it said was "We are experiencing technical difficulties." No mention of who the call was from, just a computer voice waking me up.

Finally today I decided to press different buttons, even though they weren't really for what my problem was. And finally I was connected to tech-service. I installed a new modem, and now it works again. The whole thing was their fault, or the fault of the modem that they supplied me.

Err. I don't feel like dealing with this kind of stuff right now. Next week I'll be calling again, to tell them to cancel my service. If I get new service once I move, I hope it is better than this company has been.

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