Thursday, May 24, 2007

Planning Europe

Before I graduated, I was thinking Europe might be a good excuse to not get a real job yet. With graduation gifts coming in (read: cash), the dream became more of a reality. All members of family and friends to respond to my graduation have done so in monetary ways when possible. For me, this is great. I want to go for as long as possible. I have no obligations other than supporting myself. Though school ended only a week ago, full research is underway to make this trip reality. I have downloaded countless pages of information, and that is only the beginning. I still have the library to hit up, and possibly books to buy for the trip. I have read some great information on what to pack, and I think I might need to invest in some new clothing to make laundry easier, as I expect to do laundry in the sink many nights while abroad. Already, I have too many countries I want to see. Even though I am planning 2-3 months, I need to downsize my list so that I will have more time in each place. Some countries have more than one city on their list, other countries have people I would like to see for longer than a day. Plus, any excuse I leave myself to get back only ensures yet another trip.

If anyone has suggestions of what to pack/what to see/where to go/any other good information, please leave me a comment. Of course, any updates will be made here.

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Little Red said...

I just wish I could go with you!! I wouldn't even care where we went, 'cuz I know that you'd be a fun companion... I can squish into a trunk pretty well ; )