Thursday, May 17, 2007

My Last Paper

At least for my current degree. I finished it last night, around 9:30. I was too tired then though to even notice. After all, I had been working on papers all day. The computer was the last thing I wanted to look at. But, the work is not over - yet. I still gotta clean my house before family shows up. Agh! Why is graduation only 2 days after finals??? I have a whole semester's work of house cleaning. Perhaps I will just use the box trick: put everything that is not in its place into boxes, put boxes in closet or other storage area. Yep, that sounds like the best plan. I'll have plenty of time to go through them later.

And now to the shower. Gotta go turn in those papers I worked so hard on.

1 comment:

Little Red said...

Congrats!!! All your hard work is done (for now)! Now you can take a breath and prepare for the family visits, just don't let them open the closets ; )