Saturday, April 28, 2007

Plumbers and Bread

Yesterday afternoon a plumber came and knocked on my door. He did say there was a clog, but did not pin blame (though at this point, it probably was my fault). At least he wasn't creepy, he just asked me not to use the water in my kitchen until he got it cleaned out. Turns out the clog was on the other side of my neighbors drain, so he could have had a part in it too.

My bread turned out great. I had a tuna fish sandwich on it for dinner last night. The only thing I did was use potato water instead of regular water, and the bread has this really nice texture to it. It didn't raise as much as it should have, but I believe that was due to the fact that I didn't let the potato water get all the way to room temperature before dumping it in the machine (I had stored it in the fridge). There is still some left, so I'll try again later this week, as I don't think the current loaf will last long. Last night it proved to be the perfect sandwich bread. I think today I'll have grilled cheese. Mmm.

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