Tuesday, March 15, 2011

New Zealand in Pictures - Days 8 & 9

Day 8 - 12/26
Today is the day that we sail from Wellington to Picton, or from North Island to South Island.  Before we get started it is important to note that during the night Doug passed a kidney stone.  So while we did spend the day in a fantastic museum, we didn't fully enjoy it because we were still tired from being up all night.  Doug because he was sick and me because I was worried about him.  He talks about it here.
On the motorway down to Wellington from Porirua.

The next pictures are from Te Papa Museum.
A giant squid.
Whale skeleton on the ceiling.
Another of Doug's favorite.

A stuffed Kiwi! We did see live ones in a couple of places on the trip, but they were always in dark cages because they are nocturnal. Dark pictures don't turn out very well, so you can see this one.
Doug showing the scale of this fossil.
Doug vs. Dinosaur
Angela vs. Dinosaur.
This picture is for his 4th graders.

A moa bird replica. These are bigger than an emu, but extinct.
One of my favorite souvenirs.

Doug feeling better about having passed his stone.
This was funny because our last night in Auckland we ate at Hell Pizza.
Trying to climb a wall.
Got our passes to get on the ferry.
Driving up the ramp.
In the cargo bay of the ferry.  We were on floor two with our campervan.  There was one other floor.  Tons of cars/trucks/campervans fit into this ferry.
Wellington from the boat.
Getting windy. Might not be staying outside for long.
Managed to catch some sleep on the ferry.  Most of the ride happened in the dark, we got to Picton around midnight.

Day 9 - 12/27
Picton to Kaikoura, through Marlborough County
First, this is where we woke up. When you arrive in a new town at midnight with no idea where to go, a long-term car park for NZ2 seems like a great deal. Especially when you don't see any signs that say no camping. Turns out we were not supposed to camp here though. I figure since we only slept here it might not have been so bad. It's not like we actually set up camp or anything.
Fancy pants bathroom in the park.

Famous NZ ketchup.
Doug feeling all the way better, getting ready to dig in for breakfast.
I had a date bar.

Are we viewing and tasting the visitors?
Chocolate factory! In the middle of wine country!
I'll take a tray of those off your hands.
This was a fun place.
First I found yarn.
Then a nice Pinot Noir.
Now off to see a winery.
Decided on Framingham based on what the sales girl told us back at the chocolate factory.
They had a nice courtyard.
My first tasting in an actual vineyard.
They've earned lots of medals.
And they had neat displays.
Doug is trying to be strong and grab a barrel. (it was even empty)
Another produce stand. This one did not have someone watching it. Instead a camera was watching it.

Doug wants a cricket bat.

And now for some scenery as we head down to Kaikoura.

Had to stop for a coffee. Noticed that they sold milk by the pouch. I wonder how much leakage they experience.
Doug with his special coffee in a cup with a handle too small for all his fingers.

Playing pirate.
Skipping rocks before getting back on the road.

At first glance we thought it said Oahu.

A tiny baby seal.

Camp site in Kaikoura. Pretty nice campground on the beach, we had a good view.
Testing out the water.

Turns out it was far too cold for a swim.
Relaxing before dinner.
Cooking some food.
One of the yarns I bought. This will be nice for knitting lace.
And some heavier yarn that as of yet has no destiny.
Writing in my journal before getting ready for bed.

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