Sunday, March 13, 2011

New Zealand in Pictures - Days 6 & 7

Day 6 - 12/24
Christmas Eve day in Napier.
Driving into Napier city from the campground. Everything looks so calm and peaceful.

Stopped in a shop that advertised a Possum display. For the most part it was really creepy. But this part was funny.

I love aquariums. And the nice lady at the campground told us that the aquarium in Napier was really nice.

Next up are the pictures we took inside.

That jaw could swallow Doug without chewing

Wait... Isn't Bruce a vegetarian?

Doug would pet a real shark if they'd let him.
Ach! Tsunami!

 A giant turtle!

Little kids have this same face when you take them to see sharks...

There was a voice telling us this too. In case we couldn't read. And if you are wondering: a travelator is a flat escalator.

Doug is having words with the shark.
Hey Look!!! I have you on my body!!!
First, I couldn't pass up the bakery.  Then with bread in hand, I couldn't keep myself out of the bag.
Doug had to try too, just to see what the hype was about.
Poor bread. It never had a chance.
He looks like he'll fit right in.
Roadside vegetable stand.
The day's finds.  Zucchini, asparagus, onions, bread, garlic, avocados, mushrooms, tomatoes, coffee, and wine. The only thing missing is lamb (but we already had some in the fridge).
Some Christmas decoration, for Christmas Eve.
MMM, dinner.
And a pretty sunset to end the day. 

Day 7 - 12/25
Christmas Day! Drove from Napier to Porirua, because on day 8 we take the ferry to South Island. 

Waking up Christmas Day. Chili night, but we managed to stay warm enough in our little camper. Excited to be on my honeymoon in New Zealand, even if it is a holiday!
Nice clear day.
Scenery begins...
Ghost town? No, everything is closed for Christmas.
Look at all the parking!
Back to the curvy roads.

Campground in Porirua. When we pulled in we stopped at the office to get a site.  The guy who came down asked how long we'd be staying.  We said we only needed one night.  He told us to pick a place.  It's Christmas.  No charge.
Since everything was closed we decided to hang around camp and relax.  I worked on a hat I was knitting for Doug.  After the last couple of nights being real cool, I decided I should get it done so his head won't freeze off.  He's trying it on to make sure it's long enough before I close off the top.
After some knitting and a nap we went for a walk. Found a pretty flower.
When sitting around the campground a baby duck came to investigate.
Mom came along too to make sure he didn't get in trouble (or eaten)
Christmas dinner with other campers.  A couple from Holland and a couple from Belgium.  It was a fun way to spend the evening.
Doug writing about the day, sporting his new hat (which to date is still unfinished. I'm supposed to sew a skull and crossbones onto the side. But the functional part of the hat is done, and that is what matters.)
Christmas Dessert.  Chocolates made in Porirua.  I didn't buy them there though, bought them back in Napier.  But thought it was neat to be eating chocolates made in the place we were staying.

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