Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Toys for Tots

For the last few weeks, Doug has been looking forward to the Toys for Tots ride. It took place this past weekend, and we remembered to take my camera along to get a few shots. It was the most bikes I have seen all in one space, and it was really neat to me to see all the different types of bikes. Before when I had seen large groups of bikes together, they tended to all be sport bikes, or all Harley's, or all BMW's. Not here.

A sea of bikes

Doug's bike and Mark's bike, with toys strapped on.

Some bikes have had lots of work.

A sled packed full of toys.

Doug wants to decorate his bike next year.

Even dirt bikes came to participate.

And there is always room for the friendly biker dog.

The entire main drag of Waikiki was closed down for the bikers.

Kinda hard to see, but in this picture the lights are red. Notice how no one's feet are on the ground - it's because we are still moving.

Mark and Kyla on Mark's new bike.

Big street bike in the dirt - he had to stop to readjust his toy. No idea what made him leave the road though.

Bikes leaving the toy drop-off site - we are still waiting to get in.

There isn't enough snow for reindeer in Hawaii, so Santa comes on a motorcycle.

Another sleigh packed full of toys.

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