Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I'm Going Back to School!

Today I received an acceptance letter from the University of Hawaii, granting me admission as a graduate student to start in the Spring 2009 classes. According to the information they sent, looks like classes start on January 12, 2009. I haven't looked at class schedules yet, so I don't know what is going to be available, but I do know I'll be back in the classroom. I haven't yet decided on a set program, but am looking at both Anthropology and Sociology. I'm also interested in their International Cultural Studies Certificate, which would go along with either program.

The next step will be trying to convince them that as far as their residency requirements go, I'm not a resident of any state, and therefor should be granted in-state tuition for Hawaii since I have been here the longest in the last 12 months. Then I'll have to work on the funding issue.

But I'm still excited, some of my waiting has paid off. Now if only I would hear back on one of those government jobs I applied to last week....


shark__man said...

Hooray! Back to skool to be way mo' smartah!

Roadtripper8 said...

Smarty pants!