Thursday, September 25, 2008

Heading Back

To Hawaii that is. Most of the "business" stuff I came for I accomplished: the Camry sold (finally out of my Dad and Stepmom's way), found the paperwork I needed for immunization records (I think), and I closed a bank account that has no branches in Hawaii. I also rounded up what I hope will be the most useful of my college books for my upcoming studies. Yes, I know that new classes will require new books, but I imagine that I will need to review some of the material I should have already learned. And there is the Sociology GRE I need to take if I am to apply to that department. Plus, I miss having books. My very small collection of 8 is depressing considering I had 5 full bookcases in Colorado. With the box I mailed to myself, I might have enough for a full shelf now.

Between rain-filled days and waiting around for people to come look at my car, I did get to do some fun things. Went to Defiance Point Park in Tacoma with my Dad on Sunday. We hiked around the park, all the while feeling lucky we had found a hole in the weather. The trip home included a detour through West Seattle for pub-grub followed by a walk along Alki Beach. Soon as we got home it started raining again.

Tuesday I caught the bus into downtown Seattle. I had a gift card leftover from Christmas, and it turns out September is a great time for deals on summer clothes. I then walked all over the downtown area, from Pike Place Market to the International district. Some things have changed dramatically from what I remember on previous visits, but there was still enough the same that I felt at home. By the time I'd had enough and decided to find a bus back, I had been walking around for nearly 7 hours. Just like the Euro-adventure, it is still the best to see a city by foot. Again, I managed to pick the best day to do that, as it has been raining for the last two days. Here are some pictures I caught along the way (and yes, I forgot my camera, so all pictures were taken with my cell phone).
Flower Stands

Produce. Wish I could find something like this on Oahu.

The guys that throw the fish.

"Go to Hell" brand cigarettes. Found at a small odds and ends shop in the market. Thought it was hilarious.

Looking out across the water from the park at the end of the market.

On the bus ride back home I got in contact with my sister, and instead of making the connection to get back to my Dad's house, we went out for some retail therapy.
The funny "Spotted Dick"

Some EVIL wine. Bet this would go good with the "Go to Hell" cigarettes.

Tonight my brother should be stopping by with his girlfriend. He's making some big changes in his life right now, and it is good to see him doing so well. Next time I promise to remember my camera too, so I can get better pictures.

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